Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Time Spent

My Time Doing Volunteer Work. I had not been able to choose a volunteer spot so I had came into class and the professor had helped me look for one in the school. For the first ten minuets we had walked around looking for a spot for either, me, or himself or for both of us, but in the end, I had gotten to help some younger class men, in a science class. I felt that it was okay and that I fit in well. I liked the topic that the kids were studying in the class, I remember doing those kinds of things in the past, when I was that age. I’m not too sure if my being there was the best to the teacher, because it seemed like he had the kids in tact and that he was doing a good job as in keeping them in line. I was set to help a few kids in their work while they had to do, and since they were doing a “fun” activity, I liked doing what I was doing. I actually remembered the activity as well, so I liked to see what the kids were doing and how they did it. Meanwhile, while I was sitting down helping the small group of kids do their work, I tried to see how this connected to social change, and I saw how this, volunteering was so the smallest way of changing anything. The only way that I thought that I could ever change anything, is by influencing the volunteered, so that they can see what was going on. Also, when volunteering, you can change the way things go so that in the long run, your ideas and such could create some change.


The Quote and my response to it. I can’t really recall who brought it up or that if the teacher had, but the quote itself was attacking how people that want to change things can’t side with what they don’t believe in, like a meat eating Vegetarian.... It’s just that people can’t say that they are fighting something, or that they feel “strongly” against something in the world, when they themselves are doing it.... get it, why follow a big ass hypocrite, it’s pointless. The main focus is just that you have to change whatever in yourself so that you can have a change in the whole world, or whatever scale you want it.

Last Week, In Class

A topic brought up in class was, if any of these “random acts of kindness” or “acts of beauty” will change anything in the world, or will change it in the way we said it would be effectively, like if it changes the processes, or that is it stable, not meaning permanent but long lasting. Well Jordan had then said that, “No, that the only way is by taking down the main leader guy” or something like that, (I should’ve wrote that down) and at that point I felt like slapping him, but then Raliecha had said that you need these sort of changes, the “nice” ones, to change the “mindset” of the people, so that eventually you can overthrow the leader and have a systematic change. See what I believe is that nice can be seen as a disease which can spread, and like dominos, it will travel around the whole “world”, if we all did this nice things, and hit everyone of those dominos, representing people, so nice will spread, and agreeing with what Raliecha said, “that you need to affect the mindset of the people so that yo aren’t talking to “zombies” and that you are getting your point across”.

We looked at some writing from Henry david Thoreau, and we spoke about the lines that mean the most to us, and I couldn’t really get one that I really thought meant something to me or that I thought effected me the most. I do recall some good lines that people said, about the how people aren’t machines or something along those lines, and at that moment I recalled the Matrix and how they used man as a way of using to fuel the machines so they can live or go on whatever, and I thought how that was like a metaphor on how people now days are just used to fuel the major corporations so that they can rule over us... yeah.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hum. Blog 1

When I think of being “nice”, I think of stuff that ends at with wanting something in return. Most nice things are for the one who does it and not the receives it, get. A lot of “nice” things are things in which need pay back, lets say that if I do something “nice”, I would expect something in return, maybe something “nice” from that person, that, in my head, is how “nice” works. I myself do a whole lot of “nice” things, well many people may consider them “nice” but I call them routine. My days always ensure that someone out there will get the door opened for them, that they will have a seat on the train or bus, that someone will help them pick up those papers. One thing is that my “niceness” does not end after school, or when I get home, and not even when I go online to play games. My online status, like my real life, consist of me helping others that need it, even if the don’t ask for it.
I can’t really recall ever making a “beautiful” moment in life, but I tried. Being “nice” isn’t the whole thing, there are some people who take “nice” as a sign for suck up, or as I said earlier, a way for a “you owe me one”. Well, today, I was on the train and I was looking around a saw this old lady trying to sit down, and the train had began to move and the old lady had almost fell over, I quickly dashed to her aid and held her from falling and helped her sit in her seat. She thanked me for helping her, but then she went to talk to her friend that was in the seat next to her, actually I am not even sure if they knew each other... Now, I may not have been praised as I thought I would but it was my instinct to help the lady from falling down and hurting her self, but I bet that in her life she finds that moment to be considered a “beautiful” moment because in the end she was safe and she has an amusing story that she can tell all her friends and family.
There are a whole lot of other things that can be said about “nice” and “beautiful” moments, but in when you think of it really well, what is “nice” and what makes it “beautiful”? It’s just that the view of “nice” is now something that takes time, and hard work, something that is not “worth” it. Now days people are like “I’m not being nice to you, unless you’re nice to me” or “why should I be nice to you? I don’t even know you” See, people now days don’t feel like its something that they have to do, I can see that, and maybe most people out there don’t deserve to be thanked, excused, forgiven, or treated well in anyway, but maybe the change of one person being “nice” CAN affect everyone... maybe, just maybe. (yeah, it may sound cliché)